Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing

Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing CoverOur first book, Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing, was published by CRC Press in early November 2015. You can order the book at

It offers a complete understanding of the basic scientific principles needed to perform practical remote sensing at home or at work, using a personal computer.

Written by¬†Sam with her¬†20 years of experience along with¬†Andy’s perspective of a non-expert navigating¬†his way through remote sensing for the first time, it serves as a guidebook for anyone wanting to use¬†this technology without becoming an expert on the subject.

It explains the science behind remote sensing; describing what it is, how it works, and how it can be used in real life applications: urban environments, natural landscape, terrestrial water cycle, and coastal environments.

Using hands-on practical exercises the book shows readers how to find, download, process and visualize freely available satellite remote sensing data, using just a standard personal computer and an internet connection

The book is accompanied by an online resource ( to support those working their way through it.


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