Inform, educate and inspire
We believe scientific research & innovation are vital to the development of knowledge and society

We want to inform, educate, supports and, most importantly, inspire people to become involved in scientific research and development. We’re happy to work alongside the scientific community on any aspect of research; either on a collaborative basis, or as part of a formal project.

Since our inception we’ve actively supported the promotion of science, including new and early career scientists through:

  • PhD and MSc student supervision as an external supervisor.
  • Work placement students working with us.
  • Sponsoring events that encourage student and early career scientists to enhance their experience and understanding.
  • Providing scientific mentoring support to early career scientists and new business mentoring to help scientists develop, and commercialise, their research.

In addition we:

  • Write a blog which you can find here.
  • Regularly give talks and presentations on our research, our work, science and technology and developing scientific businesses.
  • Publish papers on our scientific research
  • Support scientific development by peer reviewing grants, papers and other publications
  • Contribute chapters to books, and articles to magazines, on Earth Observation.
  • Develop teaching materials, including eLearning resources.

As our company grows we want to develop full career pathways for scientists within the organisation. This will include allowing early career scientists to develop and blossom within a commercial environment, but also employing school leavers/university graduates and supporting them in-house to gain the skills needed to become a researcher and establish a career in science.