Earth Observation Products & Services

Earth Observation Products and Services
providing the answers to your questions about our planet and its behaviour

We combine cutting edge scientific knowledge with satellite and airborne data to provide you with valuable information on the current status of natural environment and resources, and how these have changed over time. Our specialist areas include:

Water and Marine Management

Providing services to include the calculation of temperature, salinity and quality of bodies of water; produce bathymetric maps of harbour and coastal zones; and monitoring river levels and assessing the potential impact of rainfall.

Copyright: pat138241 / 123RF Stock Photo The Virtual Water Gauge software uses satellite altimetry to determine water heights in estuaries, rivers and lakes providing clients with an alternative to physically installing a water gauge. The measurements are unaffected by weather conditions and available globally. This product can also be used to map flood water and understand changing water heights. To read more>
Plot of predicted Lidar penetration depth off the coast of Corsica. Turbidity mapping determines the depth to which light can penetrate water; the more turbid the water the shallower the depth. Applications include the monitoring variables such as water quality and the light available to aquatic ecosystems, and determining the best time to undertake seafloor and bathymetric mapping. To read more>

Urban and Land Management

Providing services to monitoring changes in light pollution, land use, urbanisation, deforestation and desertification.

Landsat-8 processed NDVI image; data courtesy of NASA/USGS. Green vegetation mapping is based on assessing the pigment Chlorophyll, with healthy green vegetation strongly absorbing red versus green wavelengths; making vegetation appear green in colour. Mapping it can provide an indication of vegetation health, important for both agriculture and contamination mapping, and natural versus unnatural surfaces. To read more
DMSP data collected by the US Air Force Weather Agency. The world is becoming increasingly developed and growing levels of urban lighting have resulted in the familiar orange haze above our towns and cities. Termed “skyglow,” this light pollution has a range of effects on the wider environment, including impacting natural cycle of flora and fauna. To read more

Coastal Management

Providing services to map the coastal shorelines, assess coastal erosion, monitor changes in sediment transport levels and identify areas at risk of flooding. To read more

Courtesy of USGS Current climate predictions all forecast an increase in the frequency and severity of worldwide storm events. Catastrophic flooding in the UK in early 2014 resulted in large inland areas of the country, such as the Somerset Levels, being submerged for weeks. Coastal towns did not escape unscathed either; many were flooded or experienced landslides as the storms accelerated rates of coastal erosion. To read more

Improving Data Quality and Accuracy

We can provide products that will improve the quality of the Earth Observation data, ensuring the accuracy, consistency and comparability of data. We have world leading knowledge in atmospheric correction and can contribute significant advice and support to enhancing data quality.

HICO data courtesy of the US Naval Research Laboratory. Atmospheric correction is a critical data processing activity to ensure high quality optical imagery; when an optical image is acquired the result includes both the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere through which the signal must pass. This atmospheric signal causes a blurring for very high resolution data, and requires correction to maintain data consistency and confidence. This is a challenging task as the atmosphere changes every day, which requires the correction to be tailored to each day’s specific conditions. To read more

We can provide you with historic analysis, one off discrete measurements or on-going monitoring solutions for any of our areas of expertise. Our solutions are particular valuable where for remote location assessments, when you need something quickly or if you require time series information when in-situ data was not originally recorded. We can develop bespoke software solutions for you to manage your own monitoring activities or we can manage the process for you and supply you with the results.

Satellites have been mapping the Earth’s surface for over forty years and provide an unrivalled archive of environmental data, with our expert knowledge of the vast variety of available data we can supply you with the most effective and efficient solution tailored to meet your needs.