Four Fantastic Forestry Applications of Remote Sensing

Download this page in PDF format Monitoring forest biomass is essential for understanding the global carbon cycle because: Forests account for around 45 % of terrestrial carbon, and deforestation accounts for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions Deforestation and forest degradation … Continue reading

Are you Celebrating Earth Day!

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Celebrating World Space Week!

Download this page in PDF format Did you know this is World Space Week? In 1999, the United Nations declared that World Space Week would occur between the 4th and 10th October each year. It chose these two dates because: … Continue reading

Do you know legal framework for working in space?

Download this page in PDF format Ignorance is no defence in law. Business owners must know all the legal requirements for running a business from financial regulations, through human resources issues to waste disposal. If you work in the vehicle … Continue reading