Are you Celebrating Earth Day!

Animation of the biosphere created using SeaWiFS data; courtesy of NASA/OBPG

Animation of the biosphere created using SeaWiFS data; courtesy of NASA/OBPG

Did you know today, the 22nd April, is the globally celebrated International Mother Earth Day? Also known simply as Earth Day, over one billion people participate in this event every year, and 2015 is the 45th Anniversary.

The first Earth Day took place in 1970 in America, when approximately 20 million citizens got involved in rallies to show support for environmental reform. This level of backing was one of the key factors that led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency on the 2nd December later that year, together with the passing of a variety of environmental legislation. Earth Day continued to grow in popularity with particularly big celebrations in 1990 and 2000; then in 2009 the United Nations passed a resolution designated the 22nd April as International Mother Earth Day. The resolution acknowledged that the Earth and its ecosystems are our home, and in order to achieve a balance among the economic, social, and environmental needs of present and future generations, it was necessary to promote harmony with nature and the Earth.

Six years later almost two hundred countries celebrate the event, which is co-ordinated by the Earth Day Network, and this year’s theme is ‘It’s Our Turn To Lead.’ and has three key messages:

  • Sustainable Development: Ensuring the future economic development of the world is built on a sustainable, low carbon footing.
  • Making Everyone’s Voices Heard: Getting world leaders to pay attention to the voices across the world who want change.
  • Getting A Global Environmental Treaty: Making the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, to held at the start of December in Paris, the one that secures a binding, global climate treaty.

There are events both online and all over the world, you can check what is happening close to you on this website.

In the modern calendar, there are lot of ‘Days’ for lots of things and you may wonder whether they worth supporting; well consider what the first Earth Day achieved in 1970. So what do you think? Is it worth it standing up and having your voice heard for Earth Day in 2015?

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