Business with social inklings

I recently read Richard Branson’s ‘Screw Business as Usual’ and his idea of ‘Business as a Force for Good’ struck a chord with me. For me a business is more than just financial figures, its ethos and values are as important. This is not about having a lovely glossy brochure, instead how does the business stand up for and demonstrate the values it believes in.

I know not everyone looks at business in this way. Maybe because I never dreamed of running a company, my view of the corporate world is influenced by my academic and scientific background. I transitioned from academia to business not for the pursuit of profit, but because it appeared to be the best way of getting where I wanted; and I’ve always liked a challenge!

From the last 5+ years of running companies I’ve decided that business is just a word, whereas the vision of a business is more personal reflection of those leading it. Whilst I’ve come to appreciate the importance of cashflow and profit to both company stability and growth; how the money is used is still an extension of the company values.

My vision for Pixalytics is for it to be a company that provides information and knowledge to people who need it, without them needing to understand the complexity of the underlying data gathering and processing. This will require a convergence of knowledge around business, research, innovation, science and education to be successful.

These knowledge strands must go beyond the pure financial aspect, they need to be imbedded in our values and ethos. I try personally to demonstrate this by:
• Exploring and learning about how different businesses work.
• Setting time aside to focus on scientific research.
• Writing papers/articles and giving presentations to develop and communicate ideas.
• Volunteering within a number of learned/trade associations.
• Supporting students and new entrepreneurs.

Obviously doing these things takes time, and hence time away from earning money. However, through our authenticity and values, I believe Pixalytics will be stronger and a force for good.