Four Step Countdown to a Book Launch

Download this page in PDF format Regular readers will know that we wrote our first book last year, ‘Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing’, and on Thursday, 11th February, Pixalytics is holding its first book launch event! We’ve organised it ourselves, and so we … Continue reading

Citizen Science, Secchi Disks & Ocean Optics

Download this page in PDF format Tomorrow I’m off to the Ocean Optics conference, which has taken place every two years since 1965 and brings together specialists united by light in the ocean; this year the conference has topics as … Continue reading

Student Placements at a Micro Business

Download this page in PDF format With the end of the academic year in sight, many students and organisations will be thinking about work placements or summer internships. Hosting work placement students for microbusinesses and SME’s is hugely rewarding, and … Continue reading