Space is Hard Work!

Download this page in PDF format Space is unpredictable. Things don’t always go as planned. Over the last few weeks some of the difficulties of working in space have been highlighted. Gaofen 10 The start of September did not go … Continue reading

New Horizons for Remote Sensing

Download this page in PDF format You can’t have failed to have seen the amazing images of Pluto taken by the New Horizon spacecraft over the last week. What you may not have thought about, is that these images are … Continue reading

Did you know remote sensing goes extra-terrestrial?

Download this page in PDF format If you didn’t realise remote sensing of other planets and space objects occurs, you’re not alone. Remote sensing is playing an important role in helping us understand how our planet, and our universe, was … Continue reading

Rosetta: Extra-terrestrial Observation

Download this page in PDF format Most people will have seen last week’s news about ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft arriving at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and the animated images of the ‘rubber-duck’ shaped object taken from Navigation Camera (NavCam), part of Rosetta’s Attitude … Continue reading