Data.Space 2019 & New Year Lists

Pixalytics is on tour to Glasgow this week! We’re exhibiting at the Data.Space 2019 Conference taking place on Thursday and Friday, at the Technology & Innovation Centre in the centre of Glasgow.

This is a great space conference, which we also attended last year, that has a focus on the downstream activities of the industry, and how data is used. This year it will showcase how satellite data is currently being used, together with the potential it offers for the future, for oceans, farms, communications, emergency disaster support and many other ways in which satellite data is transforming sectors across the globe.

The conference has several themed sessions about using data from space for developing new services, logistics, humanitarian issues, blue economy, benefits for society, alongside new emerging challenges for space data.

We’ve got a table in the exhibition hall – which last year had the food in the centre, so there’s no excuse for not seeing us – please come up and say hello. We’ll be happy to talk to you about the space, data, our company or even just how good the food is; last year it was excellent!

The start of the year is often a time for lists, and the tech and space industry is no different to the rest of the world! For example, we’re one of eighteen exhibitors registered at Data.Space this year. We also got included in a couple of lists of that came out last week, which was both lovely and fun.

Firstly, we were listed in the Top 30 Tech Firms to watch in the South West in both the Western Morning News Paper and the online PlymouthLive version. The list was populated with a wide variety of tech companies, some of whom are already friends who work together with and others were companies who we weren’t aware of. It’s interesting to see the diversity of companies that are based in the South West, proving that the there is a vibrant and thriving tech community in this corner of the country! For a broader view of what is happening Plymouth in this area, have a look at TechNation insight report for 2018.

Secondly, NewSpace People released their Top 200 Global Rankings for Space Companies in 2018-19. This report was compiled using over twenty thousand unique votes for over fifteen hundred companies. The report saw the top five companies being listed as:

  1. Sky and Space Global
  2. Exotrail
  3. Saber Astronautics
  4. Isotrophics Systems Ltd
  5. Oxford Space Systems

We were delighted, and slightly surprised, to find ourselves placed at 96th in the list! We were even more surprised when we looked at some of the companies who were just above and below us. Sam was also listed at 92nd in the Global Space leaders list!

Finally, Seraphim Capital also issued its list of Space Predictions for 2019 which includes data providers moving up the value chain, into analytics and services, through consolidation; and the big tech companies having an increasing interest, role and influence in space. It highlighted the potential constellations being launched by OneWeb and SpaceX, plus lots of other interesting thoughts.

Like a lot of these type of lists, they are often created in a subjective manner and this is the case with these. However, at the end of the day, we feel that the fact that we are included in these lists must mean that we are at least doing something right; and they also allow us to see other space companies we may not know about who would be worth talking too – business is very much about ecosystems!

So, if you are in Glasgow this week and want to talk to the ninety-sixth space company in the world – or just want to come and chat about the space, satellite or Earth Observation industry to Sam or me, please come over and say hello. It would be great to meet you and see what potential synergies there could be!

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