High Noon for ESA Funding

Download this page in PDF format The future direction of the space industry in Europe is set to be debated at the European Space Agency (ESA) Ministerial Council taking place at the start of December. It will look at the … Continue reading

Do you know legal framework for working in space?

Download this page in PDF format Ignorance is no defence in law. Business owners must know all the legal requirements for running a business from financial regulations, through human resources issues to waste disposal. If you work in the vehicle … Continue reading

What the UK has launched into space

Download this page in PDF format Yesterday NASA announced its ambition to launch astronauts into space from American soil by 2017, and here the Government is currently assessing eight potential sites – including one in Cornwall – to be a … Continue reading

Can we launch a satellite?

Download this page in PDF format We’ve written a number of blogs about satellites being launched, and it got me wondering if anybody can launch one – in case Pixalytics ever wants to go into space. I know we’re a … Continue reading

The UK needs an Earth Observation Day!

Download this page in PDF format Not sure if you know, but today – April 9th – is Earth Observation Day in America! Any celebration of Earth Observation has our support, but this particular initiative deserves promotion as it’s focussed … Continue reading