Did you read the top Pixalytics blogs of 2018?

This week we’re looking back at most popular posts of the last twelve months. Question is, how many have you read?

2018 was a really successful one for our website. The number of view increased by 95% compared to last year!

Of the top ten most read blogs of the year, only two were written in the last twelve months – these were:

The most frequently read blog of the year was:

The remaining slots of the top ten were filled with ones that are consistently in our top ten each year, which is fantastic to see as it indicates that people do find these blogs useful. They were:

If we focus just the ten most read blogs published in the last year, the other eight are:

Publishing a weekly blog is hard work – the time between issuing a blog and having to start the next one seems to get shorter each time. Sometimes we’re well planned and know exactly what we’re going to be writing about, other weeks sometimes it’s only a few hours before we publish that we have our inspiration!

The thing that makes it all worthwhile is the number of people we talk to at meetings and conferences who say they read our blog – last year we even had a shout out at a conference from another presenter who’d used our blog to help them put together their presentation. Equally surprising is the breadth of places that use our ‘How Many Satellites Orbiting The Earth Blogs’ as input to other articles about space – the referral links to our website can be unexpected until you work out there is space article and somewhere within it is a link to us!

Thanks for taking the time to read this year, and we hope we can catch your eye a few times again next year.

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and a very successful 2019!

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